Coffee, East of Java, Part Deux

Well, we have another contestant in the java look-alike contest. Teeccino Caffeine-Free Herbal Coffee (I know how oxymoronic “herbal coffee” sounds) seems to taste okay. I say ‘seems to’ because I bought the Vanilla Nut Herbal Coffee, which claims to have “… Teeccino’s dark, robust body…accented with golden roasted almonds and tropical nuts including coconut” and creamy “organic Mexican vanilla highlights.” Now, it does taste like vanilla flavored coffee with a pleasant hint of coconut. I simply prefer my coffee with nothing but coffee taste and creamy half & half.

Mary and I head for the metropolis of Santa Rosa mañana. I’m on a quest for the perfect coffee substitute.

I haven’t found anything to replace India Pale Ale yet.

Don’t plan to try.

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Bragging About My Kid’s Blogging

My kids are talented writers.

Jeff’s Continuous Wave: The West? is one of the funniest riffs on landmarks that I’ve read.

Lee’s 2006 Movie Roundup is pretty hilarious.

PS, These off-the-wall videos are all produced by The Last Transformers team (of which Lee is a part) in Cinemasports’ competitions lasting ten hours with three ingredients:

  • The Executive ( The Executive travels the space time continuum to take on Ninjataur in a battle).

  • The Whiffler (A professional whiffle ball player must make a comeback to save her father’s restaurant.)

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