There’s something you don’t see everyday, Edgar

For reasons known only to sociologists and writers (fiction writers are free to make stuff up as long as it sounds plausible), Memorial and Labor Day Weekends provide the bookends to summer for Americans. In that time that we Americans define as summer, Clear Lake squeals (see my previous discussion in Anthropology 101), throbs with jet skis (euphemistically called ‘personal water craft’ as in ‘one more grating machine that you may use to annoy everyone else around you’ craft), ski boats, wake boarding boats, bass boats, explosions (for several days around Independence Day), and the occasional sailboat and kayak.

Life on the lake calms after Labor Day. The boaters become fewer and less boisterous.

Clear Lake is darned near idyll now. Quiet. Calm. Peaceful.

Barge brings a crane across Clear Lake

So when something like thing shows up, it’s interesting. Our lakefront neighbors are putting in docks. Three new docks are going in. They ain’t cheap either. One dock costs as much as a new home in most parts of the country. And it seems to be much quieter than our sounds of summer.

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