The First Sixteen Lines


That’s the number of lines of text appearing on the first page of a book. After the book jacket blurbs, it’s that first page that must compel the reader onward or the book is put back on the shelf.

There is a site that critiques those first lines; it’s called Flogging the Quill and it’s done by Ray Rhamey and commenters.

Two months ago I sent FtQ the opening to my WIP–Into Dark Woods. My opening is now up for the world to see. I can’t look quite yet.

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What’s for Lunch

My wife and a neighbor walked the dogs this morning. Neighbors stopped them on three separate occasions to warn them of a mountain lion sighting. It seems that a cougar killed a deer yesterday in a neighbor’s yard and then sat with his lunch all day in the shade of a oak. Who knew that wild carnivorous animals actually killed other animals? The contractor working on the house some fifteen yards away took plenty of photos. Turkeys and deer roam in our neighborhood, mountain lions are never far away.

In other related news…
In a BBC article we learn that polar bears (even Knut the polar bear in a German zoo) actually kill fish. Germany’s Green Party is not amused.

As the writer of Marginal Revolution says, While I can imagine valid criticisms of zoos, this is not one of them. It also should be noted that Knut’s normal diet does not consist of tofu.

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