Life imitates art

This BBC story, Survey turns hill into a mountain, about Mynydd Graig Goch in Snowdonia in Wales sounds like the movie that starred Hugh Grant, The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain.

Maggie Mountain in the Sierra Nevada

I’ve worked in the Sierra Nevada at Mountain Home State Forest. I could see Mount Whitney. I now live near the Mayacamas Mountains. The thing is just a big hill.

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The Very Model of a British Gentleman

Michael Dirda writes in an essay for the Chronicle Review titled James Bond as Archetype (and Incredibly Cool Dude) that he wants to be “Bond. James Bond.”

What guy doesn’t? He’s suave and sophisticated; and he gets to blow stuff up.

Dirda writes,

“007 calls to mind a more sophisticated version of that favorite adventure-movie archetype: the underestimated man. Sooner or later, the long-suffering rancher, mocked and abused by the bad guys, will wearily strap on his six-guns — and reveal a lightning draw and a deadly aim.”

Excuse me now, won’t you? I’m off to read Baccarat for Dummies. I’m told it’s similar to Faro and Basset so it should be a snap.

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