Apparently Atlas Shrugged Because He Didn’t Understand

New York magazine has posted personals ads from The Atlas in Atlasphere alludes to Atlas Shrugged, Rand’s 1000 page Magnum Opus. Magnum opus is Latin for “doorstop.”

The Atlasphere’s mission is to “bring together admirers of Ayn Rand’s novels, from around the globe, to network both personally and professionally.” After all, Ayn Rand’s novels ennoble the human spirit, right? They “provide the framework for a unique moral vision…” Rrrrright.

Such as this guy’s unique moral vision:

[I am] short, stark, and mansome.

You should contact me if you are a skinny woman. If your words are a meaningful progression of concepts rather than a series of vocalizations induced by your spinal cord for the purpose of complementing my tone of voice. If you’ve seen the meatbot, the walking automaton, the pod-people, the dense, glazy-eyed substrate through which living organisms such as myself must escape to reach air and sunlight. If you’ve realized that if speech is to be regarded as a cognitive function, technically they aren’t speaking, and you don’t have to listen.

Thanks to Andrew Sullivan for the link.

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