Take the 1908 Civil Service Exam for Forest Ranger

Think You Have What It Takes To Be a Forester?

Here’s the a log scaling question:

Name a log scale in common use in your locality and give the contents of logs of the following sizes by this scale:

16 feet long and 26 inches in diameter small end
18 feet long and 30 inches in diameter small end
24 feet long and 18 inches in diameter small end
12 feet long and 15 inches in diameter small end

Take the whole United States Civil Service Commission, Departmental Service — Forest Ranger Examination here.

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Writing an E-Mail Query Letter

Many magazine, literary agents, publishers, etc., are accepting e-mail query letters. E-queries use a different format than the standard query letter sent through the postal mail. And, if you’re like me (unpublished but taken steps to rectify that deficiency) you don’t know what a query should look like.

I found an article at Associated Content that should help.It covers salutations, contact information, subject headings, attachments, and length. As always, be sure to do your homework and learn what the place your querying prefers.

Here’s a post , 16 Tips for Writing An Email Query by Anne Waymon.

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Remember Molly

Image from Wikipedia

My goodness, has Molly Ivins really been gone for two years?

She knew stuff:

“I realize this is not breaking news, but we are looking at something exceptional in political history with this race. . . . The Internet is breaking open old power structures and set ways of doing things. Most campaign consultants have no idea what do with it or about it. How delightful.”


So beloveds, pour yourself a Lonestar, put your feet on the table, and remember the incomparable Molly Ivins. (BTW, she first appears on the video at 17 minutes).


Damn, I miss her.

You might check “What Would Molly Think?” by Betsy Moon, a consultant and former assistant to Molly Ivins, on the Huffington Post.

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