Bjorn Lomborg

I find Bjorn Lomborg to be one of the most persuasive voices on the planet. Money quote:

An African safari trip once confronted America’s new president with a question he could not answer: why the rich world prized elephants over African children. Today’s version of that question is: why will richer nations spend obscene amounts of money on climate change, achieving next to nothing in 100 years, when we could do so much good for mankind today for much less money?

Read the whole essay here.

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The Medea Hypothesis

So much for James Lovelock’s Gaia hypothesis–the idea that life sustains habitable conditions on earth. Enter The Medea HypothesisPeter Ward argues that most of Earth’s mass extinctions were caused life itself, and we have the hydrogen sulfide markers to prove it.

There’s an interesting TED Talk here (about 20 minutes).

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