Postcard from Berkeley

Vine and Walnut, Berkeley the Original Peet's Coffee

Last Saturday, Mary and I were going to meet with the daughter of Walter Lowdermilk–a Rhodes scholar, forester, and soil scientist–and were too early. So we wandered off to toward Tilden Regional Park and happened across the Berkeley Rose Garden. It’s on a hillside in a shallow draw that looks perfect for a concert. We lingered there a while and then used my iPhone’s map app to find the nearest Peet’s Coffee. It came up with one on Vine St and Walnut Street.

Inside the store we found the eclectic mixture of people that is emblematic of the People’s Republic of Berkeley. Conversations about politics and the environment drifted past us. We also found lots of Peet’s memorabilia. Mary and I had stumbled upon the very first Peet’s Coffee and Tea store in the country. I suspect some of the people there had been coming to this store since it opened. And since, Mr. Peet had trouble getting people to leave (at one time removing all the chairs which only caused the people to sit on the floor) they may never have left.

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