Locally produced organically grown. Better for the environment?

Last week we looked at the locavore movement (called Not livin’ la vida locavore). My conclusion was that while local is tasty, food-miles are less than half the energy of storage and prep. Transport accounts for only 14 percent of the energy of a product in the food system.

The locavore movement also touts organically grown food, saying it’s better for our, and the earth’s, health.

It is neither  healthier than conventionally produced food, nor with its larger carbon footprint and requiring more land to produce, is it better for the earth (despite what the good folks at the Rodale Institute say). I haven’t found anything convincing me differently. I have found lot showing that conventional farming and specifically Norman Borlaug’s Green Revolution, saved 1 billion from starving and 3.7 billion acres of forest.


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