Weekend Postcard: A Green Car Grows in Berkeley

I saw this car-shaped hedge growing in a Berkeley neighbor hood and knew that it had to be a weekend postcard. Berkeley must have more Toyota Prius‘s per capita than anywhere else on earth. And, just down the street sits an all-electric car made by a company I have never heard of. But this car beats all those others. Not only is this car Zero-Emissions green, it absorbs CO2 rather than emitting it. I dub thee the Topiary DL.

Berkeley is, well, different:

A car grows in Berkeley

“Let it be said that, on balance, I would like the world to look someday, much like Alice [Waters] probably wanted to look. A city on a hill—or many cities on hills—surrounded by unbroken vistas of beautiful countryside; seasonal, and sustainable fruits and vegetables specific to the region. Healthy, happy, antibiotic-free animals would graze freely over the land, depositing their perfectly odorless, organic shit back into the food chain so other wonderful things might grow…The schoolchildren of the inner cities would sit down each day to healthy, balanced, and entirely organic meals cooked—by happy, self actualized, and enlightened workers—to crispy perfection. Evil lawyers and stockbrokers and Vice Presidents of Development for Bruckheimer Productions would leave their professions and return in great numbers to work the fields of this new agrarian wonderland, becoming better people in the process. In this New Age of Enlightenment the Dark Forces of Fast Food would wither and die—as the working poor abandoned them to rush home between jobs and cook wild-nettle risotto for their kids. It would all be clean and safe and nobody would get hurt. And it would all look…Kind of like Berkeley.” – Anthony Bourdain, Medium Raw.

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