7 Million Versus Shell, really?

This is a WTF moment for me. Greenpeace UK is protesting Shell drilling for oil in the arctic, and they say nearly seven million people agree with them. Fine. I get that. What boggles me is the irony of the message their photo conveys, which is “We cannot survive without oil.”

Drilling in the arctic is damn expensive. Shell would not be going there if they didn’t expect to profit from it. If oil’s demand falls, they will not be in the arctic.

Greenpeace should be leading the way by not using oil products.

Instead they use fuel made from oil to take them out to the arctic, climb an oil rig dressed in clothing made from oil, scale the oil rig using safety and climbing gear made from oil, and no doubt use propane to cook their meals and warm themselves while protesting the exploration of a product they show by their actions that they can’t live without.


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