California Warns Cell Phone Users

Lately people have been losing their goddamned minds over the repeal of so-called Net Neutrality. The idea seems to be that more government oversight, regulation, nappy wiping are sure to protect us from naughty and not nice corporations who just care about money.

Well if more oversight, regulation, and having your bum wiped is your thing, here comes the State of California to the rescue with a warning about cellular phone use.

Photo credit: Rico Shen, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Well it is not completely their fault. For the released text you can thank Joel Moskowitz, director of the Center for Family and Community Health at the University of California, Berkeley. California health officials had been working on cell phone guidelines since 2009, and Moskowitz sued the state to be able to see them.

According to the officials, guidelines put out by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 2014 made their guide unnecessary. Still there were people who felt that California Department of Public Health (CDPH) must have been hiding something. After all, wasn’t there a study on rats where they received the two types of radiofrequency (RF) radiation, used in the telecom industry, for two years; where the control group died, earlier than the test groups, and with no tumors? While only the males in the test groups developed tumors.

Wait. What? That’s right. The rats that received the (non-ionizing) RF radiation lived longer than the control group. I’m not suggesting that using your cell phone will extend your lifespan, but there is one inconclusive study.

So while you sip your cancer-causing latte and check Facebook on your mobile device, you can read the CDPH issued guidance on mobile phones:

The new CDPH guidance includes practical steps both adults and children could take to reduce exposure to radio frequency energy from cell phones. That includes:


  • Keeping the phone away from the body
  • Reducing cell phone use when the signal is weak
  • Reducing the use of cell phones to stream audio or video, or to download or upload large files
  • Keeping the phone away from the bed at night
  • Removing headsets when not on a call
  • Avoiding products that claim to block radio frequency energy. These products may actually increase your exposure.


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