Pink Slime gone. 1.5 Million more cattle needed to meet US demand.

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Travis Arp is Ph.D. student at Colorado State University studying Meat Science and “grew up on a farm.” He says in the comments section of his post that 1,500,000 additional cattle will need to be raised to meet the shortfall due to the closure of three of four of Beef Product Inc,’s plants. That should drive up the cost of ground beef and move some marginal lands into cattle production and feed production.


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So it has come to this.  Three weeks of reporting on the LFTB controversy and ABC has achieved their goals…some intentional and some maybe not-so-intentional.  Regardless, they have thoroughly and effectively scared the slime out of the U.S. consumer.

For anyone involved in the meat industry, our world has revolved around this topic for the better part of the last month; debunking myths, trying to spread factual information, fielding unending numbers of questions from consumers, and fighting an onslaught of negative press that has snow balled so large it crashed into three of the four BPI plants that produce finely textured lean beef and made them shut their doors.

Read more… 761 more words of Travis Arp’s post.


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