Ersatz Coffee

As you may know, I’m supposed to cut down on my coffee drinking. I’ve written about it before, here (Coffee East of Java), here (Coffee, East of Java, Part Deux), and here (Teecino, Not Quite Coffee).

Well, I have found something that tastes sorta, kinda, like instant coffee: Inka Naturalis, an instant beverage made from grain.

Rye, barley, beets, and chicory root are simply roasted,ground and combined to make Naturalis Inka the perfect substitute for coffee and a great tasting drink in its own right. The toasted beets lend a subtle sweetness that is naturally satisfying.

If toasted beets aren’t for you. Or you want to do it yourself and get rid of weeds at the same time, perhaps you’d like to toast some dandelion roots? Yes, you would? Really? Then Ruth D’Alessandro, the urban gardener over at, has the recipe here for you. According to the poster, the result turned out to be, “Not unlike coffee, actually…”

“Not unlike coffee.” That sounds like stuff I’ve had in fast food joints. Anyway, now I have a reason not to mow the lawn. I need those weeds for my ersatz coffee.

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No need for coffee, now you can get caffeine right in your oatmeal

Coffee just too much to deal with in the morning? All that measuring, filling, gurgling, etc., not to mention all that drinking of a liquid that you’ll just need to deal with later. You say to yourself, ‘what if there was something caffeinated that could stick to my ribs?’ Great news! Now there is caffeinated oatmeal.

Yes, you read right, caffeinated oatmeal; now you can have the caffeine jitters you desire without drinking one drop of java with Morning Spark Instant Oatmeal. Fast too. No waiting in line. Look out Starbucks.

Oh oh! Run! Here comes Mr. Coffee Nerves!

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