Creating Book Buzz

One of the tenets of selling books is the need for word of mouth. Thomas Nelson publishing has come up with one way to create that buzz about a book–give books away. Bloggers can receive free copies of select Thomas Nelson products. Their stipulation is that, in exchange, you must agree to read the book and post a 200-word review, good, bad, or ugly, on your blog and on

Their market niche is (in alphabetical order):

  • Bibles
  • Biblical Reference
  • Business & Culture
  • Children’s
  • Family Entertainment
  • Fiction
  • General Interest & Lifestyle
  • Gift Books
  • Practical Living
  • Small Group Curriculum
  • Spanish
  • Spiritual Growth & Christian Thought
  • Young Adult

Michael Hyatt, President and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, goal is to “recruit 10,000 active bloggers … use the reviews to jump-start the most important component of any marketing campaign: word-of-mouth.” For more information got to his website, From Where I Sit, for more details.

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(Jumping the) Query Shark

Jumping the shark nowadays meaning doing something so outside of what a character/TV series what do that the storyline moves in a bizarre direction.

However writing to the Query Shark is a good thing. She’s an agent who receives query letters and critiques the letter. Here’s a perfect one in her opinion.

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The First Sixteen Lines


That’s the number of lines of text appearing on the first page of a book. After the book jacket blurbs, it’s that first page that must compel the reader onward or the book is put back on the shelf.

There is a site that critiques those first lines; it’s called Flogging the Quill and it’s done by Ray Rhamey and commenters.

Two months ago I sent FtQ the opening to my WIP–Into Dark Woods. My opening is now up for the world to see. I can’t look quite yet.

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