Weekend Postcard: Gads Zeus…Hops

In the middle of the month of May I posted a weekend postcard of my Zeus hop bines in a half barrel container. The juvenile growth looked more like blackberry (Rubus spp.) vines than hops, which are a cousin of nettles and hemp (now you have an idea of why hops smell as they do).

Now, two months later the hops have grown 10 or 12 feet and are winding around our deck railings. They have begun flowering, so hop cones may not be far behind.

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Weekend Postcard: Hop Vines in the Garden

Zeus hops growing in a halved wine barrel.

Hop plants are technically bines and not vines; vines use tendrils to grow and bines do not.

Nevertheless, this bine is a Zeus hop (Humulus lupulus var. whotheheckknowsii, part of the CTZ–Columbus, Tomahawk, Zeus–hops triad). I have planted approximately 20 hop rhizomes inside containers around the house. I have hung wire from my decks down to the containers, a drop of ten to twelve feet. The few that have popped up seem to migrate to the wires pretty readily.

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