A pox on humanity…and just in time for the holidays too!

Earth Hour 2008

Image by labanex via Flickr

The Fate of the World rests in your chip-laden hands.

The holidays have arrived and you still don’t know what to get that dystopian gamer in the family, do you? You know the one: the moody, militant, and misanthropic neo-Malthusian who says that SimCity is for pussies. He’s sure that humanity is sucking down the earth’s resources faster than Gary Busey snorted cocaine, and we have overpopulated, overused, and under-appreciated all that the earth has done for us.

Well look no further, that gift will have to be the new game released today, Fate of the World. According to the game’s designers, gamers will be able to “Decide how the world will respond to rising temperatures, heaving populations, dwindling resources, crumbling ecosystems and brave opportunities.” You heard correct: Global warming and overpopulation. Not since Y2K‘s earth destroying threat (you remember, the world’s computers were going to reset to year zero on January 1, 2000, plunging everyone (except those still analog such as North Korea) into chaos as planes fell from the sky and…Don’t remember huh?) has an impendo-catastrophe gripped us the way global warming has. And, toss in three billion more people on the planet, who in the words of the game’s developers, “are demanding ever more food, power, and living space,” and well it just gives one chills, does it not?

On second thought, get him a DVD of Soylent Green. It’s more reality based.


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The USA leads the way

Hans Rosling again, this time explaining to the US State Department that datasets beat mindsets. He shows them (among other things) that even in sub-Saharan Africa has countries as advanced and well off as the US. is today. He says to beware of lumping all of Africa together. Within parts of the poorest sub-Saharan countries are areas of prosperity. Aid needs to be targeted and the US has led the world in doing aid correctly.

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